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Shoe boom from Baghdad to Tallinn
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The Estonian Government has decided that, starting with February 1, 2009, all journalists will be forbidden to wear shoes during Government and Riigikogu -- State Assembly [Parliament] news conferences. This is seen as a safety precaution. The Government's media analyst, Sijm-Olav Nezdus said the recent shoe-throwing incident in Baghdad showed that politicians should not underestimate a potential threat posed by journalists, who would have to take off their shoes before entering the news-conference hall. But Nezdus said they would be able to borrow clean wool socks in cold weather. The sentence "The news conference ended, while I was taking my shoes off" implies that estonians are generally thought of as slowpokes.

Location:Moscow, Russia
Event date:13.01.2009
Import date:13.01.2009
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Original:Computer graphics
Content language:Russian

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