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Ilya Pitalev. In Memory of Alexander Yefremov 2016

Rossiya Segodnya special photocorrespondent Ilya Pitalev has won the Federal Journalistic Story/ Single Photo Category with his entry Fee for the Silence at the 2016 In Memory of Alexander Yefremov interregional photojournalistic contest. Ukraine, Donetsk region, the village of Aleksandrovka controlled by self-defenders opposing to the Ukrainian authorities. Locals take the dead body of their neighbor from the ground after the last massive shelling occurred three days before the beginning of the truce and ceasefire, declared on September 1, 2015. Alexander Lysenko, 61, was killed by a shell fragment in a trench in his yard, where he hid during the shelling. From the beginning of military operations in Ukraine in 2014, fleeing explosions, residents of Alexandrovka, which is located in the line of fire, hid in basements and cellars. As there was no shelter in his house, Lysenkodug a trench in his backyard. Three days before the truce had been declared, he was killed and covered by soil in his shelter. He became one of the latest civilian casualties before the fragile lull continued until that time. According to the UN as of July 27, 2015, 6,832 people were killed, and17,087 people were injured in the Ukrainian conflict. The number of refugees exceeded 2.3 million people.

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